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5-Day Cleanse

If you’re ready to go a little deeper, this cleanse keeps you fueled on our gourmet pressed juices for five full days. If you already eat a lot of clean, whole foods—or if you simply want to take a bigger first step—this one is for you. We know that staying disciplined can be a challenge, so we keep things fun and surprising by varying your daily menu. Our 5-Day Cooler Cleanse is a powerful kick-start to eating and drinking right for life.

The Daily Menu

You receive six drinks per day with a combined caloric intake of approximately 1,100 daily calories. The menu changes daily to keep it interesting. The juices are numbered and you should drink them in order 1 to 6.

Drink juice No.1 for breakfast and have another juice approximately every two hours:

1. Green Curve 1 or Green Curve 2
2. Cherry Melon or Citrus Mint
3. Green Curve 3
4. Spicy Lemonade
5. Sweet Roots or Red Roots
6. Vanilla Almond or Golden Hemp

Cleansing together? Groups of 5 or more receive 15% off. Please contact us for more details.